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  • Marc White
    Owner & General Manager

    Hometown: Granite Falls, NC


    Favorite Restaurants: Kitchen Sync, Farmhouse Pizza


    Hobbies: Spending time at the lake, photography


    Accomplishment most proud of: Working intentionally to be a good husband to my wife and father to my children while caring for our employees and customers. 


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  • Brian Scully
    Vice President

    Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA


    Favorite Restaurants: The Lost Cajun, Tacosushi, Larkins on the River


    Hobbies: Cooking out with friends and family & endurance racing. 


    Accomplishment most proud of:  Chattanooga Ironman

  • Barbara Greer

    Hometown: Powdersville, SC

    Favorite Restaurant: My homecooking!

    Hobbies: My grandchildren

    Accomplishment most proud of: My children

  • John Kull
    General Sales Manager

    Hometown: Maui, HI

    Favorite Restaurants: Mike & Jeff's BBQ, The Nook, and Muss & Turners

    Hobbies: Golf, cooking, and watching movies

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Infantry Mortorman

  • Scott Flavell
    Pre-Owned Manager

    Hometown: Piedmont, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Irashiai Sushi Pub & The Melting Pot

    Hobbies: Hunting, working out, college football

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Being married to my beautiful wife Lindsey for 28 years and father of 3 great kids - Aaron (22 and student at USMC), Lisa (21), and Blain (13).

  • Guy Mobley
    Service and Parts Director

    Hometown: Westminster, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: I love all foods, especially spicy foods

    Hobbies: Football, wrestling, soccer, golf, and working out

    Accomplishment most proud of:  My 3 beautiful children

  • Jamey Dixon
    Parts Director

    Hometown: Greenville SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Up on the Roof

    Hobbies: Running, raising my 2 beautiful girls and being a husband to my wonderful wife of 18 years.

    Accomplishment most proud of: Serving my Country in the United States Marine Corps

  • Chad Carson
    Service Manager

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Carrabba's

    Hobbies: Family Time

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Helping to start a church

  • Roger Labas
    VW TDI Ambassador and Dealer Project Manager

    Hometown: Kensington, CT

    Favorite Restaurants: DaVinci's, Larkin's, Passerelle, Adam's Bistro, Tommy's Ham House, Capricioza

    Hobbies: DriveTribe, F1, Tire Rack Street Survival, BMW Club, Movies, Books, Graphics

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Led more than a few young men to recognize what a lifetime of hard work and fair treatment of others can accomplish.

  • Ron Johnson
    Sales Consultant

    Hometown:  Lancaster, CA

    Favorite Restaurants: Chop House, Rio Grill, & Outback

    Hobbies: Playing basketball & video games

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Graduating from Gardner Webb, getting married & my 2 kids

  • Rob Colwick
    Sales Consultant

    Hometown: Sandwich, Massachusetts

    Favorite restaurant: Larkins on the River

    Favorite hobby: playing baseball

    Accomplishment most proud of: my daughter Katie

  • Marcus Garrett
    Sales Consultant

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Bonefish Grill & Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

    Hobbies: Anything dealing with sports, watching Netflix, furthering my education, going to college & pro sporting events & going to concerts

  • Nicholas Shepard
    Sales Consultant

    Hometown: Elizabeth, NJ

    Favorite Restaurants: Pita House

    Hobbies: Bicycling

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Giving everything, everything I've got.

  • Sergio Elmore
    Sales Consultant

    Hometown: Shelby, NC (aka: Football Titletown)

    Favorite Restaurants: Cheddar's and Carolina Alehouse

    Hobbies: ​Coaching football, basketball and track.  I also love golfing and pool

    Accomplishment most proud of:  ​Helping put my daughter through Campbell University, being a mentor to teenage youth, and coaching

  • Lisa Koncikowski
    Sales Consultant

    Restaurants: Smoke on the Water, Mimi's Steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse

    Hobbies: Watching my children play sports, spending time at the lake & entertaining

    Biggest Accomplishment: Has to be raising 3 wonderful children!

  • Neal Simkins
    Volkswagen Service Advisor

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Macaroni Grille

    Hobbies: Sports

    Accomplishment most proud of: My 3 Children

  • David Lowrance
    Volkswagen Service Advisor

    Hometown: Copus Christi, TX

    Favorite Restaurants: Oriental House and Sushi ASA

    Hobbies: Anything to do with cars

    Accomplishment most proud of:  My Military service in the US Air Force

  • Tiffany Thomas
    Volkswagen Service Advisor

    Hometown: Newnan, GA

    Favorite Restaurant: Taco Mac

    Hobbies: Fine Art/ painting, kayaking, hiking, driving, working on my car

    Biggest Accomplishment: Becoming a recognized and respected colleague in the art community through sharing my knowledge and skills as an artist

  • Chris Gosnell
    Shop Foreman

    Hometown: Pacolet, SC

    Favorite Restaurant: Copper River and Fatz

    Hobbies: Working and playing with my kids

    Biggest Accomplishment: Having a family

  • Michael LaFountaine
    Volkswagen Technician

    Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

    Favorite Restaurant: Anything Italian

    Hobbies: Golf

    Biggest Accomplishment: Buying my first house

  • Wayne Davis
    VW Technician

    Hometown: Tampa, FL

    Favorite Restaurant: Carrabbas  

    Hobbies: Cycling 

    Biggest Accomplishment: Passing the L1 test on the first try

  • Eddie Magdaleno
    VW Technician

    Hometown: Inman, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Pizza Hut

    Hobbies: Go-Kart Racing

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Being the first in my family to complete college.

  • Ryan Smith
    VW Service Technician

    Hometown: Clinton, IA

    Favorite Restaurants: Manny's

    Hobbies: Working on cars

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Getting married and having a little girl

  • Cory Lawson
    VW Technician

    Hometown: Greer, SC


    Favorite Restaurants: Clock & Pizza Inn


    Hobbies: Working on cars


    Biggest Accomplishment: Buying a House

  • Johnathon Troyer
    VW Technician

    Hometown: Greenville, SC


    Favorite Restaurants: Chick - Fil - A


    Hobbies: Video Games


    Biggest Accomplishment: Graduating College

  • Ballard McGuire
    VW Technician


    Hometown: Lansing, MI


    Favorite Restaurants: Ruth's Chris Steak House


    Hobbies:  Working on cars, Motorcycles, Shooting


    Biggest Accomplishment: ASE & VW Master Certified

  • Kyle Conwell
    VW Technician

    Hometown: Simpsonville, SC


    Favorite Restaurants: Willy Taco


    Hobbies: Working on cars, hiking, playing with my dogs, & spending time with my kid


    Biggest Accomplishment: Owning my house


  • Tony Martin
    VW Master Service Technician

    Hometown: Pacolet, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Texas Roadhouse

    Hobbies: Spending time with family

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Becoming a father and husband

  • Robert Russell
    Parts Consultant

    Hometown:  Simpsonville, SC

    Favorite Restaurants:  The Strip Club Steakhouse, Portifinos, Nantucket, and the Sea Cow in Edisto, SC

    Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, traveling, college sports, and cars.

    Accomplishment most proud of:  The lasting relationships that are built form kind, courteous and hones interactions with people on a daily basis.

  • Ethan Alexander
    Parts Consultant

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Favorite restaurant: Barley's Taproom and Pizza

    Favorite hobbies: Volkswagen's and cycling

    Accomplishment most proud of: Becoming a Certified Technician

  • Danielle Burns
    Warranty Administrator & Service Advisor

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Staxs Grill   

    Accomplishment most proud of: My son

  • Sandy Guthrie
    Assistant Office Manager

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Red Lobster/Texas Roadhouse

    Hobbies: Horseback Riding

    Accomplishment Most Proud Of: My children

  • Sherry Ruppe
    Account Clerk

    Hometown: Boiling Springs, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Joe's Crab Shack-Chilis-Macaroni Grill

    Hobbies: Walking/watching movies

    Most Proud Accomplishment: My two beautiful daughters

  • Mindy Knox
    Title Clerk

    Hometown: Simpsonville, SC

    Favorite hobbies: watching tv, reading, and yard sales

    Favorite restaurant: Cracker Barrel

    Accomplishment most proud of: raising my son Jacob as a single mother

  • Gina Siegal
    Accounting Clerk

    Hometown: Greer, SC

    Favorite Restaurants: Flo's, Cracker Barrel

    Hobbies: Spending time with my son, singing, and playing the piano.

    Accomplishment most proud of:  Being a Mother

  • Lyn DuBose
    Document Scanner

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    Favorite Restaurant: Red Robin

    Hobbies: Spending time with family, reading, and exercising

    Biggest Accomplishment: My two girls

  • Whitney Caridi
    Accounting Clerk

    Hometown: Pontiac, Michigan 

    Favorite Restaurant: I'm a big foodie and have traveled all over so it's hard to pick just one!

    Hobbies: Traveling, Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, and Yoga

    Biggest Accomplishment: My amazing children!

  • Sara Wyatt
    Accounting Clerk

    Hometown:  Greenwood, SC

    Favorite Restaurant:  Chipotle, Papas & Beer, Longhorn Steakhouse

    Hobbies: Reading

    Accomplishment:  My beautiful Daughter and Grandchildren

  • Alicia Henry
    Service Appointment Coordinator

    Hometown: My hometown is the beautiful beach side city, Sarasota, FL

    Favorite Restaurants: Carrabba's, The Melting Pot, Cheddar's, and Hull's Market (Daytona Beach).

    Hobbies: Horseback riding, watersking, parasailing, watching movies, travel, or any activity with my kids.

    Accomplishment Most Proud Of: I am so proud of my children Tyler (24), Nick (22), Jasmyne (12). Tyler serves in the US Navy, and a new dad. Nick is assistant manager at a local business and soon to be father. Jasmyne is an A, B student and will soon start playing the viola in the 6th grade, we are so excited. My children truly are my greatest accomplishment, if I ever did anything right it was raising them with so much love. They are going to be GREAT parents.